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Learn more about the ON Data Staffing, and get a better understanding of our passion and commitment to building data teams!

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Data Staffing Specialist

ON Data Staffing specializes in fostering top-tier Data Analytics teams across North America & the UK. Our strategic approach seamlessly aligns expertise with organizational needs, unlocking data-driven insights.

We take pride in our commitment to excellence, curating teams proficient not only in technical skills but also in accord with each organization’s ethos. Our mission: recognizing data’s transformative potential and integrating it strategically for client triumph. ON Data Staffing: your partner in building pathways to data-driven excellence.

In essence, ON Data Staffing stands as an epitome of proficiency, unwavering dedication, and a resolute focus on client success. Beyond conventional talent acquisition, we position ourselves as strategic partners in our clients’ voyage towards leveraging data for unparalleled achievements.

With ON Data Staffing, clients don’t merely assemble teams; they forge pathways to excellence through the power of data.

Our Founder

Oliver Noel

With just under a decade of experience working in the Data Analytics market, specialising in partners, consultancies & growing niche teams across the UK & US. Staffing for the likes of Deloitte, Accenture, SAS, EY, Sopra Steria, Version1 & many others. 

Oliver believes the key to success in the Data Analytics staffing market is maintaining relationships with customers/candidates, where there is a real understanding and trust to deliver.  “You should know your customers inside out, what the team culture is like, the balance they need in their team, challenges which might occur and how you can help solve them. A lot of recruitment agencies focus on filling 1 requirement and then move on elsewhere, we want to provide staffing solutions which can help our customer along their data analytics journey and work in long term partnerships”.  

Oliver also has an obsession with self-help books and podcasts, favourites being Jake Humphrey’s High Performance podcast & Mindset by Carol Dweck. A sports enthusiast, enjoys running but spends more time in the gym and spends most of the weekend watching football (soccer) as we call it in the UK! 

Customer Solutions

ON Data Staffing begins with a thorough stakeholder briefing, analyzing needs and challenges. We provide peace of mind through controlled, timely, and accurate hires, presenting a market-mapped talent pool and curated shortlist for seamless candidate selection.

Team Build Partnership

Customers needing to multi hire or build a data team

Single Hire Partnership

Customers needing a niche, key business hire, requiring a headhunt services

Exclusive Contingent

Customers needing immediate resource for short term project

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